How to order.
How to order.
  1. Click the ROES button to download the software.

  2. Follow the instructions to download run the launch.jnlp java applet (if it doesn’t run automatically) to install ROES (Remote Order Entry System) to your computer.

  3. Launch ROES on your computer.

  4. Click the “Start Ordering” button at the top.

  5. Click the big green arrow to load a folder of image files for ordering.

  6. Click the sizes you want from the choices on the left, and drag the images you want that size into the display area.

  7. You can crop in and position the image to fine tune what you will see in the final print.

  8. If you need to print a large quantity of different files to the same size print, first select the size option from the right and select the group of image files you want printed in that option by using command/control click or shift click.  Once you have the group selected, drag them over on top of the work area in the center, and the software will automatically generate 1 print from each file.