1. Our system utilizes a color managed workflow.  Images should be submitted as 8 bit jpegs, either in sRGB or AdobeRGB color space. (if your image doesn’t have a color space associated with it, it will be assumed to be sRGB).  Our system will then apply the appropriate output profile to achieve the best results. (many labs are just beginning to understand how to apply digital color management to their traditional silver halide workflow, we’ve been doing it for years).

  2. To optimize  your results, you should use a calibrated display, and understand the concept of setting up a correct luminosity (brightness) so your prints don’t come back dark.

  3. We offer a calibration print and a download of the corresponding file.  You can request a copy of the print, download the file by clicking the image of it below, open the file in Photoshop (or other color managed application) and compare the print to what you see on your display.  You can then modify your displays brightness and color profile to get as close of match as possible. Click here to download the master file.

  4. We will print 5 evaluation 8x10‘s at no charge from 5 of your files to help you match your display to the results. (Prints are watermarked with our logo so their only use is to help you get a better match between your display and our printing. Unfortunately too many freeloaders out there).

  5. For those that understand softproofing in Photoshop, we make the output profile for our printers available.  (Please use this for softproofing only, do not convert your image to this space - submit only sRGB or AdobeRGB images)

Color Management
Color Management